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Security Services

For Complete Peace Of Mind

24 Hour Security Services Throughout Eastbourne, Sussex and the South East

All A.P.G. security guards are fully trained to the latest S.I.A. (security industry authority) standard

Our employees will always be punctual and in any case of unforeseen absence, we will always re-assign another employee. in case of any delay in these instances, we will send a mobile patrol to the location until the replacement employee is ready to start work.

Our employees are rigorously vetted.

Due to the manageable size of the company, care is taken to assess the individual characteristics of each employee, and then place him or her to the assignment best suited to their personal attributes.

Employees on client's business or present on client's premises are covered by our fidelity bonded insurance, protecting our client in the unlikely event of theft from them, by our employees. This insurance is in addition to our obligations relating to public liability, accident and injury cover.

Where appropriate, we will ensure that all driving licence's, first aid certificates and any other necessary qualifications and documents are kept current and effective.

We will keep confidential, any private information relating to our client's business, that might come to our knowledge in the normal course of our business.

We, and all our employees will undertake any reasonable request to perform duties or services, during our paid time on behalf of our client, even though those duties and services are not directly related to our security role. Our personnel are there to protect you and your property, but we also encourage a flexible approach that will allow them to perform any number of tasks should you wish. For example, receiving deliveries, answering telephones, photocopying, gate duties and indeed any job suggested will be considered.

Although every assignment has an agreed set of operating orders and routines, our employees are instructed to follow any additional directive from the client. Our client will always be protected from any dispute that might arise between us and our employees.

Our office is manned 24 hours a day, and except for periods when advanced notification is given, all our clients will have direct contact with either the managing director or the general manager at any time of the day or night.

We will be open minded, constructive, flexible and ready to stand beside our clients in any way, which will benefit the successful operation of their business